Happy Bones – Dresden Premiere!

6. Nov 2017, 20:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Kukulida is happy to host for the first time in Dresden the fantastic Matija Solce, one of Slovenia’s finest performers! Puppeteer, musician and director, Matija virtuosly combines music with puppets and objects in his shows, and always everything he touches becomes magic and hilarious!
In „Happy Bones“ he will play with bones he found around the world, and raise philosophical questions about life, death and puppetry while making us laugh our heads off!

For adults or children with sense of black humor.
Almost without words.
Duration: 1 hour

Review from The Sydney Morning Herald:
„The symbolism was as gentle as it was charming. In using bones as puppets Matija Solce was restoring flesh to them, and perhaps giving them a glimpse of reincarnation. (…) Manipulated in quite rudimentary ways the bones magically became a giraffe or two kissing fish (…) A panda glove puppet lured us into that simultaneously whimsical and dark zone of wondering exactly who was whose puppeteer.“

Author, played by: Matija Solce
Direction: Vida Bren Cerkvenik, Matija Solce

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